What is Ardhi Sasa?

The advancement of technology has not spared its influence on the real estate industry.

What is Ardhi Sasa?

Ardhi Sasa

 The latest move is the launching of an online site ‘The National Land Information Management System’ that has been coined as ‘Ardhi Sasa’ on the 27th of April by His Excellency the President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. The platform avails the land information and the processes undertaken by the government to the citizens as well as the stakeholders in the industry.

Ardhi Sasa has been developed by joint efforts by the Ministry of  Land and Physical Planning and the National Land Commission as well as other stakeholders. The platforms offer the following services, Land registration, Land administration, Physical planning, Survey and mapping, valuation as well as other information from the National Land Commission.

This platform, according to the His excellency the president, is the first of its kind in Kenya that directly addresses the land issues since independence. The site will provide an updated and easily accessible database of land records. The platform further provides assurance of the right ownership of a particular property. “ Citizens will now be able to carry out various land transactions online drastically, reducing human interaction delays and all other inconveniences that Kenyans have had to endure in our land registry” he added.

Advantages of Ardhi Sasa

  1. The platform will secure Kenyans from the hands of fraudsters, cartels and brokers.
  2. It will eradicate contentious issues such as missing files, frauds, corruption as well as illegal land transactions
  3. It will facilitate the resolution of land disputes and guaranteed the security of the land title deed.
  4. Public land will be separated from private land.
  5. Provision of accurate information necessary for a property’s commercialization.
  6. It will ensure efficiency, transparency and accountability.
  7. It allows for feedback from its users

The national rolling out of the project will be completed by the end of 2022. This accomplishment is a milestone since the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning is a key player in Kenya’s socio-economic development plan since land is a key enabler for the vision 2030.