How to Avoid Partnering with a "Bad" Realtor

Now that you're fully aware of how to spot an incompetent realtor from my previous article,how can you avoid signing a contract with one? Better safe than sorry they say.

How to Avoid Partnering with a "Bad" Realtor
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1.Get a recommendation from a trusted referral

You've obviously rang your friends or family members a million times for referrals everytime you hired a house help,a handy man or even a plumber at some point. So when it's time to hire an agent, you're inclined to do the same:call your mom, best friend or your favorite co-worker to enquire who bought or sold a house.
This is always a brilliant idea as your near and dear ones are likely to give honest assessments of their experiences with realtors and refer you to one who may be tailored to your specific needs.

2.Ensure there's clarity in the initial consultation

If a realtor starts off the process with a consultation where they lay off variety of expectations,this is a good sign! On the flip side, if the consultation doesn't leave you content with their agent skills for whatever reason,he or she is definitely the wrong one. Some won't even request for a consultation altogether, these are the worst! A big red flag!

3.Work with a local realtor

A local agent is the best you can consult when it comes to neighborhoods for buying property,prices and any detail of the area;small to big. They are well acquainted with where areas of growth are and have a better forecast of the overall value of a property based on it's location. Another benefit is that they will always be ready to guide you through the whole process: inspections, showings, name it.

4.Dismiss thoughts of working with any agent without an online presence

"If an agent isn't tech-savvy and has no online presence,it's best to look for someone else,"These are always Campbell's (a real estate professional) words to anyone who gives a realtor with no online presence a benefit of doubt. Most competent agents,in our digital age,will have a detailed online profile with their reviews, closings, statistics and any other relevant data.

5.Always choose a full-time agent

Many people consider real estate a side gig with the aim of getting quick money. What they're forgetting is hard real estate is a skill-based profession,requires more knowledge than you think. Part-timers are highly likely not to provide the in-depth information you need.On top of that,you may go through delays in communication and accessibility with them since they are giving more attention to their main jobs. This may lead to their unavailability for important meetings which can cost you a great deal.

6.Contact one or two of their recent clients

This is a better way to know the quality of their service than online reviews as very few of them are authentic 
They may have been dropped by themselves or other people who do it for several reasons:money, favors....
Similarly,bad reviews may have been dropped with the intention of destroying a realtor's reputation by rival agents. A good agent shouldn't hesitate to give you the contact and list of his or her recent clients when you ask for it.

7.Ensure you check their license

If you're intending to work with an agent,you should first check that they have a valid licence which can now be done online. What you need is the licencee name, trading name and licence number. All you simply need to do is select the 'check online' button from any real estate licence website,enter the licence information into the search field and select search button!

Getting a competent and professional realtor can be a rollercoaster quite often. However, following these pieces of advice may make it "less painful".