Construction Homes in Kenya

Real estate companies are investing in variety of properties according to the demand in the market. Some of these  properties are houses or homes.

Construction Homes in Kenya

 According to the Habitat for Humanity Kenya, there is an  annual demand of 25,0000 houses and this rises just as the country population increases. This therefore, calls for construction of more houses in the country. The real estate firms come up with various types of homes for their clients. In this article, some of the types of homes are discussed.
Spec home
This a home that a builder establishes with a speculation that it will suit some client’s need and they will end up purchasing it. This home is constructed  to much the most popular trend or what most clients adore. The floor plan, the interior designing, appliances and all features are entirely determined by the builders, but with the unknown client in mind.

Advantages of a spec home

  • Ready when needed 
    Since these homes are usually or close to completion, the buyer can move in within few days. This eliminates the lengthy process of waiting for the property to be completed.
  • Tangibility
    The buyer can see what they are about to purchase and if it suits their needs. They can even walk through the home and check out for themselves.
  • Affordability
    They are relatively cheap since the specifications of the clients are not involved. This is unlike in other types of homes where the buyer preference is considered hence adding up the cost.
  • Less tiring process
    Buying a spec home does not require hiring a builder and a designer since during the construction these features are considered.
    Disadvantages of a spec home
  • Location
    The buyer may not have a voice about the location since in the time they consider the house for purchase the construction is underway.
  • Unsuitable design
    The house’s design may not necessarily please the buyer since the builder only designed it in a way that most people like. The painting and the floor too may not meet the buyer’s taste.
  • Builders may overlook some features
    The builders may be after selling property hence not so keen on the property standards. This cannot be realized immediately until one start dwelling in the home.
    Semi-custom homes
    These are the homes where the interested buyer is consulted for the specific features. They are preferred where one wants to make the decisions about the features but does not wish to make all the decisions. After acquiring the house one determines the floor plan to use and the add-ons.

Advantages of a semi-custom home

  • Quicker to complete the home
    The construction length is relatively short. This is because one does not make all the decisions pertaining the construction.
  • Decisions making
    The potential house buyer  does not make all the decisions  on the property. The builder has a larger say hence when the buyer fails to recommend the builder goes ahead with the construction.
  • Designing
    The buyer chooses what kind of design to use , the type of floor plan, appliances add-ons such as garage and a garden, among other preferences.
  • Location
    The buyer selects the lot at which the home will be made. These allows them to select the most suitable location according to their preference .

Disadvantages of semi-custom homes

  • Limitation on choice
    In semi-custom homes the buyer is denied the choice of the building materials , roofing materials as well as the finishes for the house for example shelves and cabinets.
  • Control
    During the construction the builder is entirely in control which denies the buyer the controlling opportunity.
  • Extra cost
    The buyer may incur all the cost of his/her recommendation he makes such as the floor plan as well as the designs and painting.

 Custom homes

In these types of home, the buyer is entirely in charge of the whole construction and its always done as the buyer wishes. It’s appropriate for people who know what they want and are not stressed by decision making.

Advantages of custom homes.

  • Control
    The buyer is in total charge of the whole construction process hence can correct errors that may arise during building.
  • Uniqueness
    Since the buyer’s mind is the one being used the end product can be totally different from any other home unlike in spec homes.
  • Design
    The design is just as the buyer will prefer. He/she recommends all the preferences like the painting, the floor plan, the interior design, the finishes etc .
  • Location
    The buyer chooses the lot where the house will be constructed. This may be affected by the proximity to amenities among others.
    Disadvantages of custom homes
  • Costly
    They are expensive since the entire decision making and the expenditure is on the buyer. He/she incurs all the cost of his recommendation.
  • It takes a lot of time to build.
  • The construction entire decision making is on the buyer and a delay in making a decision means a longer time for the process of construction.
  • Decision making can be overwhelming
    The buyer may be too much exhausted of decisions yet he/she is entirely relied on.

In conclusion, the choice of what construction home to buy depends on the buyer. This is however determined by their budget, availability of time, the purpose for the house, the taste and preference, among others.