Celebrities Who Have Gifted Their Parents with Houses

It is the dream of every child that once they are grown to ensure that their parents live comfortably. Well, some celebrities have actualized this dream.

Celebrities Who Have Gifted Their Parents with Houses
Emmanuella infront of her parents' house [photo/emmanuella instagram]

The inevitable burden of paying rent every month is pushing people towards building or buying their own homes. In the recent past, many celebrities have come out on social media to celebrate this great milestone. However, in their case, it is not their own house but rather their parents.

 DJ Joe Mfalme

He is one of Kenya’s top DJs, who came into the limelight after the Pilsner Mfalme Dj Competition 2008. Joe wrote on his social media advising people not to look down upon other people’s jobs. He says people laughed at them telling his parents how he had become a con. 12 years down the line he can afford to smile as he sees his mum’s house complete.

Dj Joe Mfalme mum's house [photo/ DJ Joe Mfalme Facebook]


Topa de top dj as he refers to himself has built his parents a house. Posting on social media he asked his fans for advice on which paint and cabro to use for finishing. Later on, he posted a video of the completed house on his Instagram as they toured with his wife size 8.

The house under construction[photo/ DJ Mo Facebook]

YY Comedian

He is known for his comedy based on SDA church activities. He has also incorporated his mother and sister in his comedy. YY comedian posted a picture of his mum inside their old house and a finished modern house with the caption ‘Nakupenda mama yangu’. Singer Akothee congratulated him for such an achievement especially with the hard times artists have experienced due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The finished house [photo/ YY Comedian Facebook]

 Terence Creative

Also a comedian, Terence was still in the process of building his grandmother a house. A day after visiting the construction site, he received news of her demise. It is unfortunate she never lived to see the complete house.

Terence Creative grandma's unfinished house [photo/ Terence Creative Facebook]


One of the most celebrated kid comedians, Emmanuella gifted her parents a house. She handed over the complete house which has one waiting room, one sitting room, three bedrooms, one kitchen, one food store and one commercial outside the store.

Inside Emmauella's parents house [photo/ emmanuellacommedian instagram]

-Edited by Emomeri Maryanne