Basic Tips: 5 Ways to Prevent Expensive Plumbing Issues

Basic Tips: 5 Ways to Prevent Expensive Plumbing Issues
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Every year, there are gallons of water loss in Kenya due to leaks that sometimes don't even need the eye of a professional. This article explores ways in which you can fix some of the most persistent leak problems if armed with a wrench and a few plumbing basics. Fixing leaks yourself is obviously economical, but you also need to know when to call in the plumbers.

The following are ways through which you can prevent incurring expensive plumbing costs.

  1. Unclog Slow Drains

Clogging takes time. When you notice water draining slowly, it’s time to take some preventative steps: Unclog the pipes by using a mixture of vinegar, baking powder, and hot water, or call a professional if the problem persists.

  1. Strainers

Strainers will save your pipes from clogging. They keep debris from entering the plumbing, saving you hefty plumbing fees. However, strainers are also susceptible to wear and tear. Be sure to replace them as often as necessary. That simple tool is probably the only thing standing between you and a clogged sink.

  1. Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure is a precursor to plumbing problems. Always call in a plumber when pressure runs low. The quick reaction may save you from incurring hefty repair fees in the future. In the showers, reduced pressure may be caused by sediment in the showerhead. Be sure to clean out showerheads before calling a plumber. When leaks are serious enough to reduce your home’s water pressure, they’re best left to a professional. You’re probably looking at a problem that’ll necessitate pipe replacements.

  1. Sewer Lines

Take time to understand how your sewer line is set up. Avoid planting trees along the sewer line because the roots can cause damage. To keep things smooth, periodically snake the lines. Leave all other sewer problems to the professionals. Damage to shared parts could clog your neighbors’ plumbing which is a sure way to attract civil lawsuits.

  1. Watch What You Flush

Keep debris from the drains and you’ll keep clogs from the plumbing. Teach the kids how to maintain the plumbing. Arming them with a few plumbing basics may just save the plumbing from them. Clogs take time to grow into proportions of concern. Therefore, most people are unaware that the clogs of today are caused by yesterday’s mistakes. Don’t be one of them. Watch what goes down your drains.

Regular Maintenance Run

Calling in the plumbers when there’s a problem is calling in the plumbers too late. Schedule maintenance runs where a plumber inspects the state of your plumbing. Another trick is to ask for suggestions from a professional when buying plumbing equipment.

Finally, the Professional always knows what is best. Trust him. Plumbing can make or break a house. Maintenance keeps the house’s value. Therefore, professional plumbing services must be part of a house maintenance schedule. Most people only find out about their house plumbing issues when they are selling the house. Prioritize your plumbing.