7 Unique Painting Styles and their Techniques

Painting is an art with the least investment and the biggest return. It is all about creativity and artists have the freedom to choose what they want. There are different types of painting styles, either modern or traditional as per the artists' choice. Here is a list of unique Painting Styles ;

7 Unique Painting Styles and their Techniques

1.Oil Painting 

It is the most known and common form of Painting used by many artists. It is suitable for almost all kinds of styles. It involves using a drying oil to mix paint pigments which gives a wonderful feel to the paint. Poppyseed and walnut oil are among the most used oils. This kind of painting was first used by Indian and Chinese artists in the 5th Century and later it became popular in the 15th Century.

2.Watercolor Painting 

It is normally done on paper. It involves using water-based solutions to mix the colours and hence its name watercolor painting. It requires artists to be careful when mixing since too much of anything could change the shade of colors. Water-soluble color pencils can be used either when wet or dry. Albert Durer is considered the earliest watercolor user after he painted beautiful wildlife and landscape watercolour.

3.Acrylic Painting 

It is best for fast-drying painting8. Here the paint is known to be soluble in water but it becomes water-resistant when dried on the paper. This type of painting is preferred because brushes can be easily washed using water.

4.Coloured Pencil 

They are those that were used in children's colouring books and for primary students' books in the past. They are the simplest and most used by kids. It has evolved in the years and today is used by professional artists and painters.

5.Ink Painting 

It is made up of a liquid that has pigments or dyes that are used to colour a surface for artworks. It is used for drawing with a pen or brush. It later developed into ink wash painting and various shades of black are created by mixing water to the black ink to create the desired consistency The Chinese black ink is used for calligraphy and for creating artworks.

6. Glass Painting 

It involves putting up small coloured pieces of glass together. It is mostly used in religious places like churches in their doors and windows. They are beautiful especially when light passes through its transparent medium.

7. Spray Painting 

It is normally administered from a spray bottle to achieve the artwork. They are mostly used on streets, woods, metals and glass. The portion of a particular surface where a particular color is needed to be applied is kept open while other options are covered so that it does not spread to other portions of the painting.