6 Professionals You Will Need When Building a House or an Apartment

The specifics involved when building can be overwhelming. No one can do it alone. Hence, professional input is of importance. Building is such a big deal and for you to be satisfied with the end product, these are the construction professionals you may want to engage.

6 Professionals You Will Need When Building a House or an Apartment
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  1. Architect

A house design plan is important when it comes to expressing your idea to the builders. An architect takes your idea and transforms it into visual elements which can then be translated into a tangible house. He can also provide different unique designs that you can choose from and then make necessary adjustments to it to suit your preference. He works hand in hand with the civil engineer.   

  1. Quantity surveyor

He advises the client on the financial feasibility of the project. He comes up with the cost of the construction. The quantity surveyor also sees to it that the project sticks to the budget, and collects all the financial reports from the contractor and the others involved.

  1. Civil and Structural Engineer

He is like a quality assurance office, he checks all the materials and equipment to see that they are of the required quality and that they meet the set standard. Apart from that, he communicates any necessary change in the design plan to the client.

The structural engineer ensures that the foundation is firm enough, and sees that other structures put up can hold the weight on them.  

  1. Building Contractors

He provides most of the manpower and subcontractors. He manages the staff who do the actual physical work, while the project manager is in charge of the high-level coordination of the building project. The contractor also makes sure that those under him keep time and complete their assignments in the allocated time frame.

  1. Electrical Engineers

Faulty electrical wiring could cost you a lot. An electrical engineer designs and develops the electrical and lighting systems. Alternatively, you can use solar power installation professionals. Solar energy could be the main source of power while electricity can be used as an alternative.   

  1. Project Manager

He is in charge of the project’s planning, oversees the overall construction process, and distributes the resources in the project. He manages staff and also manages the relationship with key stakeholders. He sees to it that the project is completed on time.


These are the major people that will be beneficial to your housing project. There are other minor ones that you will involve too, like roofers, painters, plumbers and landscapers. Some of the labour force will be provided by the contractor. It is therefore advisable to consult the contractor early and know the service and manpower he will be providing during the construction process.