4 Stylish Traditional Homes in East Africa

There is more to homes than glass panels and tiled floors as commonly seen in modern houses. Traditional homes are all about giving one a homey feeling and incorporating natural materials around them such as brick, wood, plaster, stucco or stone in their construction and as such can be as quite old but still in perfect shape. They tend to have common features such as open porches and pointed roofs. Some of them include;

1. Muthaiga, Nairobi

Muthaiga, Nairobi

The lushly landscaped residential neighborhood is home to this Victorian style house built during the colonial period of the 1920s which takes its design cues from the historic ambassadorial residences that are in the city.

2. Kira, Uganda

Kira, Uganda

Found in the serene Kira town in Kampala is this traditional home incorporated with modern options to enhance easy living.

3. Salina, Tanzania

Salina, Tanzania

Its located in the outskirts of Arusha and surrounded with natures finest sceneries.

4. Cape Dutch, South Africa

Cape Dutch, South Africa

This is a home whose construction was mostly influenced by the Dutch settlers and mainly consisted of thatched roofs, whitewashed clay walls and shuttered windows symmetrically placed either side of the central front door.