Why High Rise Buildings Are on The Increase Today

High rise buildings are increasing each and every day.

Why High Rise Buildings Are on The Increase Today

This increase  day in day out  is due to various reasons that are as follows:


Most constructors are preferring to build high rise building this is because as compared to other types of houses high rise building save up a lot of space. This is because one only need to establish the ground that is needed for the ground floor as the rest of the floors will be built at the top of the ground floor.This makes more constructors to prefer them because one can building even ten floors over a very small area and generate a lot of income. As compared to one who will building bungalows  for example,which will consume alot of space and won't bring alot of houses.

Cost effective

Building a high rise building is way much cheaper as compared to other building styles this is because in high rise buildings one is able to cut down  cost  as many rooms share a wall and therefore one does not have to incur a lot of the cost in building different walls for different houses.It is also cost effective in that one only has to install roofing sheets only once at the top as compared to other building styles which need different roofs for different households.

It can hold many people at a go.

High rise buildings can hold alot of households at a go,this is because a single high rise building can have up to 300 households living there this is because of the availability of many rooms.


High rise buildings are way much affordable for both the landlords and the tenants
This is because the landlords can cheaply construct a building and get more profit after building it. For the tenants high rise building may be affordable to those who can not be able to buy their own houses thus this may serve the purpose before they can afford to buy their own.
Also it may be affordable because nowadays you'll find there are cheaper rooms for even 2500- 3000 this may be way convinient for a person who has low income.


High rise building are also very secure this is because when many people live together they tend to take care of each other and also each other's properties for example your neighbor can not see your things being stolen and fail to tell you this means that one's property is secure.
Also because of the installation of cctv camera a high rise building might be secure this is because one is able to monitor the activities of the building including who's coming in and who is going out.

Cost sharing

In high rise buildings you'll find that there is cost sharing,this happens when the tenants have to pay for water and electricity bills this they ease the landlords the burden of having to pay for this amenities.

Personal space

People living in high rise buildings exercise personal space this is because most of the buildings are built in such a way that one has his/her own balcony.This grantees personal space because one can keep his/her own this without having anyone interfering with it because he/she is the only one who can allow one to get there one also has his/her own veranda which also offers personal space.

More amenities in one place

You'll find that high rise buildings have there own bathroom and toilets all available in the house therefore one does not have to go in and out of the house to have the needs catered for.
This factors mentioned above have lead to the increase in demand for high rise buildings therefore, making many people to venture into this business of contacting high rise buildings.