Top 5 Tourist Attractions Sites in Nigeria

The numerous tourist destinations in Nigeria depict outstanding beauty and historical significance that amuse and awe the general population.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions Sites in Nigeria

Tourism and adventures are among the most popular things individuals from civilized societies engage in from time to time because of the richness and color they add to their lives.

It’s one of the best ways to relax and relieve stress in our current fast-paced society. Nigeria is a nation blessed with a lot of human and natural resources.

Generally, nature has endowed this country with a great design that is incredibly attractive, which makes Nigeria one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The numerous tourist destinations in Nigeria depict outstanding beauty and historical significance that amuse and awe the general population.

The physical proof of genius brain work and unique architectural designs, along with the mysterious passion of natural ingenuity, make Nigeria one of the best go-to places for an unforgettable tourism experience.

In this guide, we’ll review the best 5 tourist attractions in Nigeria.

1) Yankari Games Reserves

Yankari games reserve is situated in Bauchi State in Northern Nigeria. It has a huge collection of plants and animals in its natural habitat.

In this reserve, there are more than 59 caves and an array of 130 wells that have interconnecting shafts utilized by slaves during the Atlantic slave trade period. You will also find iron smelting works with furnaces, which are many centuries old and warm spring with some sparkling clear water typically at 31 degrees Celcius, which is suitable for swimming.

2) Zuma Rock

The Zuma Rock is found in Madalla, Niger State, in the North of Abuja and one of the popular tourist sites in Nigeria. It’s generally a monolithic Inselberg that has a human face. It’s sandy concealment that hangs like a mist over Zuba Town.

The other mountains around and in it remain a big distance from it, and the Zuba people see it as a special form of respect that’s being paid by other mountains due to its royal presence in the neighborhood.

When you visit Zuma Rock between April and October, a duration that marks the rainy period in central Nigeria where you will find this amazing rock is situated, you will be able to see the popular Zuma Rock Fire.

You will enjoy the sight of this fire as the peak of this popular rock catches fire under the heavy rainfall. The Zuma Rock Fire has remained one of the famous wonders of the Zuma Rock over time.

3) Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu Cattle Ranch is considered one of the most attractive tourist spots in Nigeria. It’s located on the Obudu Plateau, close to the Cameroon border. You can see an attractive landscape and calming ambiance here, and there is temperate weather throughout the year, meaning you can visit any time of the year.

Tourists can rent a hut or a room and enjoy the incredible beauty of the Obudu Cattle Ranch for as long as they want. This ranch is open for visitors at all times, but the best time to visit is between October and February when the sky is quite bright, and the air is frosty.

4) Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is a five-story structure that holds a wide collection of arts, making it one of the best spots in the list of dazzling Lagos destinations.

The walls of this building are covered with various artistic drawings and inscriptions, and the fence is also adorned with some rare marbles.

You will feel the beauty of the artworks as you walk into this wonderful gallery via the colorful gates. In the inner court, you can see stone sculptures, tie-dye workshops, hanging craftworks as well as a wide range of artworks displayed inside the beautiful building.

5) Osun Sacred Grove

Osun Sacred Grove is classified as one of the best heritage sites in the world by UNESCO. This sacred forest usually attracts a big number of tourists from different parts of the world because it ranks high in the lists of tourist destinations in Nigeria.

Osun Sacred Grove is located on the borders of Oshogbo, the main capital of the state of Osun along the banks of the river Osun in the Southwestern parts of Nigeria.

Osun state is mainly populated by Yoruba people who believe that the Osun sacred grove is the home to Osun, their goddess of fertility.

There is a popular festival that celebrates this goddess each year in Oshogbo. In this tourist destination, you will find shrines and statues of different deities scattered in the forest. Again, the forest has around 400 different plant species that are mainly utilized for medicinal purposes.

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