Mututho's multi million property up for auction

A land parcel Riruta Satelite in Nairobi (L.R. No Dagoretti/Riruta/S.499) under the ownership of John Michael Njenga Mututho has been put up for auction. The owner of the property is the former member of parliament for Naivasha.

Mututho's multi million property up for auction
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John Mututho is also the former boss of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse who saw the introduction of Mututho laws that govern the sale of alcohol.

The parcel of land measures 0.23 acres, located in Kawangware area of Nairobi is approximately 950 meters from the road connecting Dagoretti and Kawangware (Uthiru road). On the land sits a double-story residential building that holds 8 bedrooms and 17 single rooms. On the plot are three toilets and two bathrooms. 

The total rental income from the property, according to Garam Auctioneers, is around Ksh160,000. The property has an outstanding land rate as well as penalties owing up to Ksh 165,000, with both piped water and electricity connected to the property. This is disclosed by a notice of the auction. The notice, however, does not disclose the lender to whom the former parliamentarian owes.

John Mututho joins the long list of Kenyans whose properties have been up for auction. Since the onset of covid 19, many livelihoods have been disrupted. Over 1.72 million Kenyans have been rendered jobless by the pandemic and the measures imposed to curb its spread. 

A report by the Central Bank of Kenya showed that Kenyans defaulted bank loans worth Ksh 432 billion by the end of February this year compared to 350 billion at the same time last year. The report approximates the defaulters to be 14.5 percent of all bank borrowers.