Benefits of Acquiring a House through Affordable Housing Programme (AHP) than Acquiring it from other Housing Schemes

The Affordable Housing Programme (AHP) is a housing scheme unveiled by the government of Kenya with the aim of providing 500,000 affordable housing units for the Kenyan citizen from all social class categories as the fulfillment of the big four agenda proposed by the year 2022.

Benefits of Acquiring a House through Affordable Housing Programme (AHP) than Acquiring it from other Housing Schemes
Photo/ Courtesy of Boma Yangu

Owning a home through the Boma Yangu Initiative of the affordable Housing Programme (AHP) through studies done has proven to be more cost-effective and beneficial compared to other housing schemes available in Kenya. Here are some of the benefits an individual would expect to reap from preferably choosing to own a home through the Affordable Housing Programme in Kenya compared to other available housing schemes;

  1. Affordability

The Affordable Housing Programme aims at providing housing units for all social categories in Kenya according to their earnings per month. That is;

  • Social- this category consists of individuals earning up to Kshs. 19,999 and above
  • Low cost- this category s for those individuals earning between Kshs. 20,000 to 49,999
  • Mortgage gap- this covers those who earn between Kshs. 50,000 to 149,999
  • Mid-high income earners- this category covers those who earn Kshs.150,000

Therefore, the housing units are pretty much affordable and not as costly as taking up mortgages. Similarly, the house owner can pay in installments over the agreed period of time depending on their house category or make monthly contributions of maximum Kshs. 2,500 or even more involuntary contributions if an individual wishes to.

  1. Low Housing Unit Prices

The aim of the big four agenda affordable housing program proposal is to provide affordable dream homes to Kenyan citizens. The housing prices are therefore unbelievably low. Affordable Housing Programme (AHP) makes acquiring a dream home at a lower price a reality. Take an example of acquiring a three-bedroomed home at Kilimani worth close to twelve million while the affordable housing program provides a similar three-bedroomed housing unit for three million shillings.

  1. Refundable Money

Unlike some of the housing schemes in Kenya that take advantage of an applicant’s money or contribution and in some cases scams them, the Affordable Housing Programme by the government of Kenya hands back the contributed money. In the event of retirement or the lapse of fifteen years of contributing, the money which is viewed as savings and earns interest is indeed handed back to the contributor.

Similarly, in events where the applicants miss out on the chance of being allocated a housing unit of their choice, they are reliable for a refund from the government which is assured.

Compared to other housing schemes, Affordable Housing Programme (AHP) makes it easier and affordable to own a home. With the capability, so why not take up the chance of owning a home through the Affordable Housing Programme?

-Edited by Emomeri Maryanne