UK Property Investment Firm Enters Kenya and Nigeria

The UK property company has launched its new base in Kenya and Nigeria to help Kenyans and Nigerians invest in property within the UK in a simple and effective way.

UK Property Investment Firm Enters Kenya and Nigeria

Baron & Cabot property firm has established its ground in Kenya and Nigeria. This is after it set up its offices in the two countries. The founder of Baron & Cabot Mark Pearson says that his firm seeks to offer effective investment opportunities to Kenyans who want to own property in the United Kingdom.

He says that their main aim as Baron & Cabot is to provide conducive grounds for Kenyans to acquire mortgages and property buying through research to ensure the safety of their investments in the UK.

[Company founder Mark Pearson]

According to Mark, investing in the UK is highly advisable as it is a low-risk investment in the world and has long-term returns due to the continued growth within the country.

Considering that Baron & Cabot property firm is one of the fastest-growing property firms, it is wise that Kenyans take up this opportunity and own property in the UK.

Pearson said, “Baron and Cabot offers a guide on the right property to purchase in the UK, this gives investors the power and confidence to ask the right questions for profitable property investment”.

At the same time, the main goal is to enable Kenyans to acquire property in the UK legally, have banks that offer mortgages at favorable terms for investments and ensure the process is simple and transparent.

“Our introduction in Kenya will greatly impact property investment and sourcing in the UK, thus creating more options for investors” added James Walsh, head of sales at Baron& Cabot research.

The firm also hopes to attract more Africans from the new location set in Nairobi, Kenya

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