Application of Land for Investment in Tanzania.

As far as investment for foreigners is concerned, there are about seven steps provided by the law to be followed which are to Submit application for land occupancy, Obtain payment letter, Pay for land, Obtain payment receipt (TIC), Submit receipt, Sign derivative right and sub-title and Obtain derivative right and sub-title.

Application of Land for Investment in Tanzania.

As mentioned above, the first step is by submitting application for land occupancy whereby the law requires one to have an application letter (original)  stating the purpose of the land, expected location and or particulars of the land which the investor want and certified certificate of incorporation (Simple copy and an authentic copy) this is according to sections 5 and 6 of the Tanzania Investment Act 1997 and section 25 of The Land act 1999.

The second step,  requires the investor to obtain payment letter together with the proof of identification card(original) or a copy of an ID can also be accepted and physical presence of the applicant to the Tanzania Investment Centre(TIC).

The third step is the payment of land rent, the amount paid annually by investor as a fee for renting the land. The land rent differs depending on the location of the land. It is charged per square metres (see land rent rates in the document attached). TIC charges 10% as facilitation fee for helping to collect the money on behalf of the  ministry of land and this is accordance to sections  3, 25, 31 and 33 of The Land act 1999

Whereas in the fourth step requires one to go to the bank and make payments through the details given and deliver the original slip to Tanzania Investment Centre(TIC). It is important to note that amount paid depends on the value of the land, location, size and time

The fifth stage is to submit the receipt. This  requires the investor to deliver payment receipt(original copy to TIC, and the sixth step which is to sign derivative right and sub-title in this the proof of original Identification card is required and the Physical presence of the applicant, where in the seventh step which is to obtain derivative right and sub-title  as we can refer section 20(Occupation of land by non citizen restricted).  and 23 (Residential licence and its incidents) of The Land Act of 1999