Top 5 Areas in Kenya With Affordable Properties

Top 5 Areas in Kenya With Affordable Properties
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Kenya is among countries that are highly occupied by low- and middle-income earning people and where small and informal businesses make up the majority of all enterprises. Because of this, those people need affordable properties, and below are some of the areas in Kenya where you can get affordable properties.

1. Tinga
Tinga is located approximately 65km from Nairobi CBD in Tinga town just after Ongata Rongai and Kiserian Town. This area enjoys a modest school, hospital, police station, water, and electricity among other social amenities. If you are an investor and looking for a place to invest then consider this place because it has a great opportunity to invest affordably.

2. Matuu
This town experienced rapid growth recently and it has become one of the largest urban centers in Machakos county. It is mainly an agricultural production area and a great economic area and a great economic hub that enjoys increased commercial activity as it is a key transit center in the region to other areas of ​​this country like Nairobi, Thika, and other parts of central Kenya. The area also enjoys infrastructural growth with the recent tarmacking of Kivandani- Masinga road.

3. Nakuru
Nakuru is one of the towns that is growing rapidly in East and Central Africa according to the United Nations. it has been approved to be a city by the cabinet. This county is enjoying a rich agricultural wealth that has seen land prices rise by 9.40% according to Nakuru county land prices Report. The properties in this area are also retailing at prices as low as ksh350,000 making it an ideal investment opportunity for people in this agricultural rich county. 

4. Kangundo Road
This area is gradually opening up following the anticipated construction of the greater Eastern bypass. The neighborhood is slowly driving demand for real estate. The completion of the dulling of the auteur ring road has also helped ease traffic between the city center and Kangundo road.

This area is affordable for investors and young professionals who can invest in the area with princes as low as Ksh 399,00.

5. Konza
Konza techno city is a national project under the vision 2030 Kenya's economic development blueprint. South Korea has committed Ksh 10 billion to set up Kenya's first graduates only information technology University at Konza. This will be the fast-track development of Konza.

The proposed Ksh 300 billion Mombasa Nairobi expressway will bypass the capital city to branch off just past Konza. All these infrastructure projects are positively influencing the prices of land in Konza area and investors are already investing here. Despite the infrastructural growth in the area, properties are affordable and selling with prices as low as Ksh 299, 000