How to Enhance Your House Interior with Vibrant Wall Finishes

How to Enhance Your House Interior with Vibrant Wall Finishes
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1. Use of wallpaper

Although wallpapers have been there from years back, canthey are slowly becoming more and more popular in homes.

Advantages of using wallpapers

  • They come in various variety of patters,designs and textures.
  • Some types can last upto 10 year.
  • Having various ways of attaching the wallpapers,i. e. paste the wall,p aste the paper or peel and stick. The peel and stick method can easily be replaced as often as one wishes.
  • Many wallpaper types are washable and easy to maintain.
  • They can be used to hide uneven walls and hide the defects as well.

Disadvantages of using wallpapers

  • They are more expensive than paint.
  • Traditional wallpaper is difficult to remove.
  • Since patterns need to be matched and well aligned together,it needs a high level of accuracy when fixing it.
  • Edges may separate from the wall especially if in contact with water.
  • Fragile wallpapers may not last more than five years

Types of wallpapers

  • Printed Wallpaper
  • Liner Wallpaper
  • Foil Wallpaper
  • Flock Wallpaper
  • Mylar Wallpaper
  • Bamboo Wallpaper

Where to get the wallpapers

Wallpapers can easily be bought at any interior design company. Depending on their niche, various companies have various types. Be sure to find out what you want first even as you approach a company for purchase. However, most interior design companies have a professional who is always ready to advise you on what type of a wallpaper to buy according to your needs. Junara Interiors Limited is one such company that has variety and most of the purchased wallpapers. The Nairobi-based company has created a niche for themselves even as they enjoy a large following on social media platforms. 

The interior design company also offers installation services alongside offering other interior design services ranging from paint work, flooring, lighting, wood work, curtains, blinds etc. They work for both residential and commercial spaces.

Speaking to them revealed that their pricings differ depending on the project but they highly consider the client's budget when developing a quotation. They further noted that for them, all their services are inclusive of the materials to be used.

2. Use of Paint

Types of paint
Water-Based Paint.
Majority of paint sold nowadays is water based due to the following reasons;

  • It's easy to use.
  • Doesn't require pre treatment.
  • It is quick to dry
  • Water-based paint has low levels of toxic emissions.
  • It is resistant to cracking.
  • It doesn't fade or yellow, hence has a steady color overtime.
  • It can be used in almost all walls.

Limitations of using water-based paint

  • Aren't as long wearing as oil based.
  • Can delaminate from walls if dampened

Oil Based Paint

  • Can be used on all surfaces
  • Most professionals have praised it for it's durability
  • It is good for high moisture rooms or the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Has an attractive gloss.

It's disadvantages

  • Emits strong fumes while still new which can be overwhelming.
  • Cannot be washed with water

Matte paint

It's characteristics include;

  • Has a velvety texture
  • Helps to hide imperfections on walls and ceilings
  • Offers great depth in color
  • It Is the least reflective sheen available
  • Is generally considered the standard sheen for walls
  • Can be difficult to clean

Other ways of finishing your interior walls

3.Wood Paneling
4.Sand Textured Finish
5.Pebbles Finish
6.Flakes Finish
7.Tile Cladding
8.Coral Finish
9.Canfor Finish