Eric Omondi's Karen Mansion

The self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa has shown off a 7-bedroom mansion that he claims to be a result of his 14 years of hard work in the comedy industry.

Eric Omondi's Karen Mansion

In the house tour video posted on presenter Ali’s YouTube channel, Eric Omondi claims that the Karen plot on which the mansion sits is worth Ksh 69 million while the cost of erecting the mansion is Ksh 72 million. This, therefore, raises the cost of the house to Ksh 141 million.

“When I call myself a president, I have to live like one. I have been in the industry for a long time and I need some space and quiet to create ideas” the comedian added.

The reason for moving from Kileleshwa into the new mansion, less than a week ago, is due to security reasons after his decision to support Jimmy Wangigi for the presidency in the 2022 general elections. He labeled the mansion as the ‘Official Residence President of Comedy Africa’.

The comedian concluded that it was just the beginning since he is yet to live his dream since his dream is not only to take over the Kenyan comedy but also the world at large especially now that American celebrities like Snoop Dogg love his content. 

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