The Life in Street Art

Who doesn't like incredible artwork on a random street? Many people like passing by that famous street because of the magical multicolored wall.

The Life in Street  Art

Most of the independent graffiti artist, street artist and muralists likes to be recognized by their incredible artwork, not that nude paint on a clients bedroom. We have to all agree, all artworks are incredible especially when they are used to convey beauty, support and dismay. The artworks on the streets do an incredible job at achieving this.

Whether it is abstract art, classic art or photography, with vibrant colour and fine detail, nobody can turn a blind eye to the attraction of street art. it is because they are always meant for the public both in terms of people and space, unlike special arts that we see in buildings or hotels.

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As Jennifer Block says, street graffiti is a space where dissent can be articulated and discourse can be pronounced.

Street art is always put towards the good of the community just as much as it is being put towards commercial and corporate interests. The fact that one settles to give an empty street some life, is a hard task and making it appealing to the public eye is also another undertaking and whatever way, they still do come out perfect.

In the Kenyan market, the government has permitted street matatus and busses to incorporate graffiti on their vehicles if they want to. This has really benefited the artistry and even the matatu owners themselves as it is a weapon used for competition in this field. street art, therefore, is a weapon against its own inspiration.

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-Edited by Emomeri Maryanne