Home Staging Tips

Home staging is the beautification process of preparing your house for sale. It is meant to show your home's strengths and minimize on its weakness hence attract a good buyer.

Home Staging Tips
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The first impression always lasts and the same applies when selling a house. The secret to a fast sale of a house in real estate is home staging.

Home staging is the beautification process of preparing your house for sale. It is meant to show your home's strengths and minimize its weakness hence attract a good buyer.

Here are the tips on staging your home;

1.Curb Appeal

This is what gives a buyer the first impression before they step inside the house. A homebuyer who gets impressed with the outside of your home already has a positive attitude and most likely will love the interior. So spruce up the back and front of your yard by mowing the yard, adding some flowers and clearing shrubs.

2.Clean And Declutter

An untidy and congested home is a turn off for any buyer. Cleaning and removing clutter creates a sense of order. One rule of de-cluttering is for every new item that comes in an old one has to leave. This rule will ensure that you don't cling to the old items and even makes cleaning easier.

3.Define Rooms

Define each room's use and purpose. Spaces such as basements are always neglected and act as dumping places for items that are not in use. This creates clutter and makes the room disorganized. You can therefore turn this space into an entertainment room.

4.Use Neutral colours for Paint

Painting makes the greatest impact. It gives the house a fresh feel and look. You can go for more than one colour as long as they complement each other. Neutral colours such as beige, white, grey create an inviting feel, therefore, attracting a buyer. 


Another important factor that homebuyers look for is good lighting. Lighting gives a cheerful feel. There are three types of lights that can give a good impression; accent(focuses light in a particular area such as a table), ambient(also known as general is basically the natural lighting) and task(increase lighting to an already lit area such as reading area).


The goal of staging a home is to make the buyer envision living in your home. Remove personal items such as family photos. Personal items may distract a home buyer's attention.


Make sure not to make expensive upgrades that will eat into your finances. Small repairs and cheap upgrades can bring a great transformation. Take time and fix items that are broken and make small repairs in and outside the house. A homebuyer who sees broken pieces has the impression of a home that is not cared for and the seller wants to get rid of.

7.Go with Trends

Do your own research of what is in the market currently. Add decors that are seasonal at that particular time. The purpose is to make your home feel cozy.


A home that is not rightly priced will not sell faster or not sell at all in spite of all the sprucing up and upgrade done. Take time and look at the market analysis to ensure the right pricing.

Beautification of your home is an important aspect when it comes to the selling process. With these simple steps, you are sure of getting your home sold as it also makes the real estate agent concentrate on selling points rather than cover ups.